The Road To (and from) Pamplona

I have been letting this go for far too long.  This blog is in serious need of updating, so the short version of my tale will have to do for now.

We set off from St. Jean Pied De Port, and broke up the first and most ardous journey up a mountain in 2 steps.  Climbing that peak was wet, cold, miserable, and tiring.  But we made it finally to Roncesvalles, and received a Pilgrims’ Blessing before resuming our walk.

The weather semed to turn afterwards, because the sun came out at stayed out as we climbed hills, walked through fields and vineyards, and entered each new town to find a bed or a meal.

For me, I learned that each pilgrim is a story onto themselves.  Always friendly, sometimes with a note of caution as they relate a mishap.  Injuries happen; sometimes it’s a blister, sometimes it’s worse.  I have seen two journeys prematurely ended, and others just starting from the town I just stayed in.

At some point, I will revisit these stories in greater detail.  But for now, I will leave off with a few insights:

Sometimes, you must stop and savor the moment.

Any meal after a long, tiring day is good, but it is better when shared with a friend.

Movement is youth.

The pilgrim heart may be pure, but you must still keep a wary eye on the road.

And finally, rest when you can, but always keep moving forward.

Updates will be more frequent, I promise.

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