The first leg of the journey.


“I’m leaving on a jet plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again.”      — John Denver.

The plane journey was long. Flying into Europe as a whole is about 8 hours, but this stands out for a few reasons. A lot of firsts occured yesterday.

First time on a new airline: Jet Airways, a carrier based in India. First time doing a 7 hour layover. First time in Belgium. And of course, first time in Spain.

By the end of the day, Dad and I found our hotel. He assures me that this neat and tidy, private room, is as good as it gets. By tonight, we will be staying in albergues, the pilgrims’ hostels that lie along the roads to Santiago. As it is, we’ve also done our first round of hand washing. Still damp, but we should be able to fix that with the room’s hand dryer.

Before we check out, our intention is to fuel up with the hotel’s breakfast buffet. We won’t get a chance for a proper sit down meal until St. Jean Pied de Port, just over the border in France. After the bus to get there, as well as the first albergue sleep, the Camino really begins!

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