Post 11 – The Flash

31-day-challenge_Post-11By now, I have to realize the obvious.  My 31 Day Challenge has just been really thrown out the window.  10 posts out of 28 days (today would make it 11) is really less than stellar.So, what to do?
I’m going to finish out the rest of the month with what I’ve got.  Call it a wash.  Start again.  Perhaps a M-W-F schedule, like I’ve seen several webcomics do.
As an exercise, which this ultimately is, I can say that I’m an out of shape blogger.  However, if I can draw parallels to other exercise programs like going to the gym or running, I can say that I’ve got a baseline performance level which I can now beat.
Should I do this again?
But there’s a lot more preparation to do if I take this up again.

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